Why MaNa Design Build


Decisions about making major changes to your home must be considered carefully. The first big decision comes with selecting the right team of professionals to guide you through the process and get the job done.

The Design-Build concept is a “one-stop shopping” approach to remodeling. This being that the designer, retailer and contractor are all under one roof. What is the advantage of a Design-Build project? Everyone is on the same team working to make your dream a reality. With other companies, you may find your designer works for one firm and your project gets outsourced to another company for the drawings, you may shop from various stores, and yet another company does the construction using different sub contractors. At MaNa Design all these things are done with our employees, we are your only point of accountability.

Design-Build projects can best be described as a large remodeling project that includes architectural drawings, building permits and construction. At MaNa Design Build, Inc., our skilled Design Consultants will be with you every step of the way. From your first call to our office to the final walk-through when the work has been completed, we will be right there with you. Design-Build projects can be a bit complicated. There are consultations, budget meetings, design reviews, product selections, purchase materials, ordering, contract signing and many other steps along the way. You will have one contact person through this process. Your skilled Design Consultant will be at each meeting with you and assist you in every step of the process. Once our design team has completed the design process our construction team will begin the building of your dream project under the watchful eye of your Design Consultant. From design ideas to product selection to construction, you will be in good hands. Learn more about the advantages of Design Build vs Traditional Construction.

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Understanding Your Building Options:

Design-Build is rapidly becoming a popular construction option for clients because of its faster completion times, improved collaboration and ultimately lower costs. If you’re considering a construction project, discover the benefits of Design-Build vs Traditional Construction.

Therefore, an integrated approach of design-build remodeling can:

  • Increase liability and accountability of the design build team.
  • Help you hit your target budget and avoid cost overruns.
  • Streamline the selection and planning process.
  • Improve construction speed and delivery time.

Design-Build can be a huge undertaking, but the rewards of a well-done project can last a lifetime.


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