Residential & Commercial Design

At MaNa Design Group, we make it our mission to layout the process of working with us as clearly and succinctly as possible. That way you can gain an understanding of how we operate from the initial consultation all the way through construction.

It does not matter your project is residential or commercial; ideally, we would prefer to work with you through every phase we describe below to ensure the smooth completion of your project — we carry out each phase with the intention of keeping your project on budget and within code.

Our goal through out entire process is to keep our client within their budget and only a true design-build firm like us can guarantee the accuracy of design and estimate.

Please be informed, you may decide to contract with us to complete one or more phases separately, as you see fit. We can discuss your options further during an initial consultation meeting. The initial consultation will result in a proposal for our services as well as a breakdown of our fees. At this point you’ll have the option to either sign the contract as-is or negotiate the particulars to your satisfaction.

Once we have come to an agreement, we will document any existing conditions through field studies and gather any relevant building data to initiate the first phase of the design process.


STEP 1) Schematic Design and Analysis:

During this phase of the design process, we will take the information we’ve gathered from you, your city hall and through our field surveys to create two to three design options for your consideration. We will generally present these options in the form of sketches, so you can visualize the different routes your project could take.

We will also attach a rough cost estimate to each option to aid you in selecting a design that meets both your aesthetic preferences and budget requirements. You will also have the opportunity to request any modifications you’d like us to make to your preferred design. Once you have selected a design option that best suits your needs, we will begin the process of refining the design during the Design Development phase.


Deliverable: Schematic Design often produces rough drawings of plan, floor plans, elevations and often illustrative sketches or computer renderings.


STEP2) Design Development:

At this point, we will take the schematic design you selected, as well as any requested modifications, and revise the design as necessary. We will also update the cost estimate we provided during the Schematic Design phase to reflect any changes we’ve made to the initial design. We take our clients’ budgets very seriously and continually strive to provide accurate estimates throughout the early stages of design.

This phase may require additional give and take as we work with you to finalize the details of the design before moving into the next phase.


Deliverable: Design development usually yields a more detailed site plan as well as floor plans, elevations and section drawings with full dimensions.



STEP 3) Construction Documents:

By now, we will have settled on a final design and will begin preparing drawings, notes, and technical specifications necessary for bidding, construction, and permit application. This is the phase that many people think of when they picture the work of an architect – the creation of blueprints.

Once the we and you are comfortable with the drawings produced from the design development phase, they can move on to the construction documents. At this stage, if we need other disciplinary advice such as structural / mechanical / electrical engineers calculation and endorsement, we send the design document to them. The construction document phase produces drawings with much more detail which are used for the construction of your project. These drawings typically include specifications for construction details and materials.


Deliverable: Construction documents often include a complete set of architectural drawings (site plan, floor plans, sections, details, etc.) that are combined with structural drawings (and possibly mechanical and electrical drawings) that have enough detail for the contractor to build your project.



LAST STEP) Updating the Cost Estimate:

Since MaNa Design Build, Inc is a licensed and bonded contractor, it is less headache and time saving for you to skip other steps of construction such as looking for a qualified contractor, making extra agreement for construction administration, preparing bidding documents, etc. At this stage, we just need to update the initial estimate and draft the contract.


Deliverable: We will deliver  a complete set of agreement, cost sheet, scheduling, drawing, material list and scope of project including the detail of work.




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