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8 Steps to Define Your Kitchen Theme

  1. Choose an overall style: Our recommendation to pick the theme is to browse any resources that you may have and find a look that you get inspired.
  2. Choosing cabinet colors: Kitchen cabinets typically take up 50% of your budget and occupy about 40% of the visual space in your kitchen. For these reasons, it’s best to start out by choosing a cabinet color that fits your personality and your home’s style before deciding the other colors in your kitchen.
  3. Choosing appliance models: Your cabinetry order cannot be finalized until you know which appliances you intend to buy. As focal points, your sink and appliances can have a big impact on your kitchen color scheme.
  4. Choosing countertop type: Your kitchen countertops are close to eye level and will occupy a large portion of your visual space. Be sure to bring a sample of your cabinetry color to help you choose a coordinating countertop color.
  5. Choosing flooring type: When selecting a kitchen floor color, be sure it coordinates well with the cabinets, countertops, and appliances, as well as with the floors in adjoining rooms.
  6. Choosing a backsplash pattern: By now your kitchen color scheme is nearly complete. There are many backsplash options that can either coordinate or clash with your color scheme, so if you need extra help, don’t hesitate to enlist the services of a designer when selecting a backsplash.
  7. Choosing a wall covering: Often the forgotten backdrop to an overall color scheme, your walls can still play a vital role. While the walls are often obscured by cabinets, pick a color that balances well with the floors, cabinets, and backsplash.
  8. Choosing Fixtures: Your faucets and cabinet handles are installed later, after the cabinets and granite have been completed. While it is common to coordinate the faucets and handles colors, it is not required.

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7 Tips for Small Kitchen Design

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large and bright kitchen in their house so we present you this article especially, for those who have a lack of space who might also want to check out this info epoxy flooring post. Most of the time we found ourselves limited with space, but when it comes to interior designs there are so many smart and creative ways to put everything in a small area. Here are the best small kitchen space-saving tips, scroll down to figure out them:


  1. The simplest way to make your kitchen look larger is to paint the walls in pastel and light shades. To lend glamour to your kitchen, then you need to keep your kitchen walls color and the rest rooms walls color as close together as possible.
  2. The color of the kitchen and the color of the walls should be the same, because in this way there won’t be boundaries that will stop the eye, and the space will feel bigger. Don’t be afraid to use the dark tones as black, navy or brown either, because they create the impression that the walls are farther back than they really are.
  3. Lighting also play a crucial role in the designs of the small kitchens. Well lit spaces seem more spacious, so make sure there are tons of lights around your kitchen! Suh as under cabinet lighting or under counter lighting can make the kitchen appear larger.
  4. If there’s enough room for a small island, go for it. A small island will provide plenty of much-needed workspace and it works as a place to eat as well. place anisland in the center of the small kitchen, because in this way you will get plenty of storage, and the island is accessible from any spot in the kitchen, and more than one person can be engaged in cooking at the same time. Using a folding table instead of a regular sized table is a great idea to get more space as you can fold the table when it isn’t in use and use that space for other things.
  5. In best way your small kitchen will have a roomier feel is to forget about all the small and fussy details. Stick to the clean lines and you will get the desired result.
  6. To create more space, then you need to make the best use of the vertical space by hanging some nails and racks on the wall and store mugs, pans and other utensils on them. You can also hang wire mesh baskets from the wall in order to use them for storing fruits.
  7. Simply, breaking down a single wall will open up the kitchen visually and make it feel larger than it really is. Have a glance at the images beneath to get more ideas about the best small kitchen space-saving tips.


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